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Friday, June 25, 2010

How to become American Idol

1. Sing like The Boxer

2. Be a salesman of paint or shoe

3. Remember the lyrics

4. Don’t scream

5. Be original

6. Sing not so good at early stage and improve in later stage

7. Don’t poke your nose in front of camera

8. Sing Every Body Hurts Sometime

9. Be not so confident at early stage and improve in later stage

10. Show that you have never been in Hollywood

11. Don’t flirt with the judges

12. Don’t sleep with other contestants

13. Be illiterate

14. Sing melancholic song although you are a rocker

15. Sing Ain’t No Sunshine in broad day light

16. Color your hair white

17. Don’t be heartless

18. Sing duo with not so good contestant

19. Show raw talent