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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Huangdao, at Ding Jia He Park

The Ding Jia He Park located in front of the government building of Huangdao is a reflection of Feng Shui principles that is the traditional Chinese art that determines the placement of objects to enhance the natural yin/yang balance.

Feng Shui which literally means "wind" and "water" emphasizes general geographic orientation, such as the relationship to nearby mountains or bodies of water. The principle of Feng Shui  relates to the flow of energies in nature. The ideal orientation of a building, is facing out to sea, lake or river with a mountain behind , which also gives the best view and a cooling breeze.

Indeed the beautiful Ding Jia He park with the flowing river water and cooling breeze, gives the feeling of the flowing nature energies to the Government Building.

The Ding Jia He Park design, expressing the Chinese art of landscape design, focuses on the careful blending of nature with man-made structures. The delicate balancing of four main elements of Feng Shui to create a harmonious environment where yin and yang energies compliment and contrast in beautiful results in a sensual and spiritual experience for the visitors.

The Four Elements of Feng Shui incorporated in Chinese garden and park design are:

Water - Represents the Yin energy (cool, soft)  that is the living pulse of the Garden.

Stone - Balancing the Yin Energy  of the water, rock formations represent mountains and Yang Energy (warm, hard).

Plants - Symbols of human qualities such as endurance (pines), flexibility (bamboo) and purity (lotus) are incorporated into Chinese Garden Design through careful plant selections.

Architecture - Arrangement of the buildings within the Chinese Garden is focused on creating spaces that enhance the garden design, plants and beautiful views.

We can see the four main elements above in the Ding Jia He park and enjoy the beauty expecially in spring and summer. This park is one of the best park in Huangdao. Huangdao which means  "yellow island" in Chinese is a district of Qingdao, Shandong province, in China.


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